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The “Spring Summitwich”

Homemade asiago cheese bread with ham and fresh Pemberton valley spring greens mix between swiss cheese slices

From: Breanne

Location: Mount Ronayne

About the sandwich:
Homemade asiago cheese bread with ham and fresh Pemberton valley spring greens mix between swiss cheese slices. The swiss cheese makes a perfect boundary between bread and greens to prevent soggy bread syndrome (SBS). Enjoyed beneath the still snow covered summit of Mount Ronayne after a dip in Tenas creek.

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The “Guides Opinion”

Finally I’m a Canadian Ski Guide! Having completed the ten day CSGA course and exam I felt comfortable naming this sandwich the ‘Guides Opinion’. Lets face it, some people know what they are doing in the mountains, some people know how to make a good sandwich…but only a rare few can do both properly. We had an incredible course with days of rope rescue, avalanche rescue, backcountry travel and even a Heli ski day in the Spearhead.

Lime & Herb Chicken Breast, Swiss, Bacon, Avocado, Baby Spinach, Mayo, Dijon. Boom Boom Boom.

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The Rainbow North Face

Turkey and Swiss on Ciabatta. Featuring Lettuce, tomato, mayo and S&P

From: Forrest  Chittick
Location: North Face Rainbow

About the sandwich:
This cold cut went down smooth, and was well deserved after a line like that.  The explosion of flavor was not unlike the glorious 3000′ of vertical we had just slashed. The first few bites where a little dry, but after that it was nothing but pure delectability.  All in all, I would give this sandwich a 8/10.  But where else can you get a sandwich at 7:00am right before you jump in a helicopter?  Props Alpine Cafe!

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Club Roll travels 5000km

There are few sandwiches that I would make the effort to bring across the country from Montreal to British Columbia just for the sake of the photo. The Club Roll from the Snowdon Delicatessen in Montreal is an exception. This is a sandwich that upped my sandwich game as a child. Simple ingredients, nothing fancy.

Last winter my brother Andrew brought a bunch out to Whistler. I couldn’t get it out into the real backcountry in time so I just got a photo high up on Blackcomb…Spanky’s Ladder was the most ideal place for this shot.

smoke meat, stuffed chicken, turkey, brisket, salami, ordered with swiss cheese and no tongue.

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Reuben Does the Spearhead


Classic Reuben: Pastrami, Swiss, Sauerkraut, Thousand Island…on rye.

From: DK

Location: Spearhead Range, Whistler BC

About the Sandwich: I finished off the 2011 ski season with the classic Spearhead ski traverse. Our trip ranged from skiing incredible powder lines with bluebird skies to traveling across crevassed glaciers in complete whiteouts. We had it all…even the blessed Reuben sandwich.

In preparing for the trip I had to think carefully about how to separate the ingredients of the sandwich so that it didn’t sog up.  My hard work planning got the Reuben through the first day and half. I was able to get a great shot of it with most of the Spearhead route behind.

Here is the footage of the Reuben on the Spearhead.

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The Mountaineer

oast beef, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, swiss cheese, pickles, mayo, dijon, on an everything bagel. Woah!

From: DK

Location: Middle Sister. Outside of Canmore AB.

About the Sandwich:This was a sandwich for the books. I took a mountaineering course a couple years ago in Canmoreand stopped by the Canmore Bagel Co.  All sandwiches here are on bagels but they are still classified as sandwiches. I tried a  bunch of them but “The Mountaineer”  took the cake when brought into alpine terrain.  The day after the course I hiked up the Middle Sister just outside of the town and got one of my favorite sandwich photos.



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