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The “Machu Machuwich”

Grilled chicken, mushrooms in Dijon mustard sauce and onion rings on ciabatta bread.

From: Devin Montgomery

Location: Cusco, Peru

About the Sandwich:
In Cusco, Peru a friend and I stumbled upon a sandwich place on Ave. de la Sol, regrettably I don’t remember the name but it’s just past the contemporary art gallery and historical mural. My friend Leah had been travelling with my sister for 4 months in South America, and after taking a bite of her Chicken Dijon sandwich she proclaimed that this was the best meal she’d eaten since leaving Canada. I was going to journey to Machu Picchu the next day so I decided before boarding the train I would get another one of these rare delights for my trip.

I usually don’t get up at 3:30 for anything, but this rare occasion it was mandatory if I was going to be one of the first 400 into Machu Picchu and make it to the top of Waynu Picchu (the peak facing the ruins). I did manage to be the first on top of Waynu Picchu 30 min before anyone else (due to my familiarity of jumping fences). I was up there alone watching the sun crest the adjacent mountains and eating this beauty – well worth the effort.

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The Rainbow North Face

Turkey and Swiss on Ciabatta. Featuring Lettuce, tomato, mayo and S&P

From: Forrest  Chittick
Location: North Face Rainbow

About the sandwich:
This cold cut went down smooth, and was well deserved after a line like that.  The explosion of flavor was not unlike the glorious 3000′ of vertical we had just slashed. The first few bites where a little dry, but after that it was nothing but pure delectability.  All in all, I would give this sandwich a 8/10.  But where else can you get a sandwich at 7:00am right before you jump in a helicopter?  Props Alpine Cafe!

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The “Heli Drop”

From: DK

Location: Spearhead Range, Whistler BC

About the sandwich: Half way through the Canadian Ski Guide Level 1 course we had a day of bluebird heliskiing in the Spearhead Range. We were sort of in ‘go go go’ mode and I didn’t have much time to line up the perfect shot (or even get the sandwich in focus). The day was still epic, as was the wich.  I bought the roast beef sandwich at Mount Currie Coffee Co in Pemby. I think it has mad it onto the site at least once before.


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The “Chief P, Roast B”


Roast beef, provolone, carmelize onions, dijon aoili, sauteed mushrooms, arugula. on rustic  ciabatta

From: DK

Location: Duffey Lake area, BC

About the sandwich: Sometime in the middle of February I went up to the Duffy to take advantage of the new snow and clear sky weather.  Jeff and I toured up Chief Pascal to ski the Equinox line and made an attempt on the peak before heading down.  The ridge walk towards the summit had some pretty sporty sections and unfortunately we had to turn around about 10 feet from the top.  That whole ‘its about the journey not the destination’ spiel often works well with my mountain philosophy but 10ft? Come on!

The Roast Beef sandwich came from the Mount Currie Coffee Co. in Pemberton.  Great day to eat any sandwich up high in the mountains…this one really hit the spot though.



Jeff put together his GoPro footage from the day…

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