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The “Mt. Baker Freedomwich”

turkey and ham with avocado, mango salsa, cholula hot sauce, and green peppers topped off with a PBR

From: Jonathon Doherty
Location: Mt. Baker

About the sandwich:
Mmmhh nothing beats a turkey and ham sandwich with avocado, mango salsa, cholula hot sauce, and green peppers topped off with a PBR while shredding Baker backcountry pow and receiving a Vitamin D overdose.  Life is good

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The French Turkey

Turkey, Avocado. Honey Dijon on a French Loaf

From: Jonathan

Location: Mt. Matier, Duffy Lake Area, BC

About the sandwich:
Turkey, avocado, honey Dijon on a french loaf. It tasted simply incredible and gave us the energy needed to make the summit!

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The Rainbow North Face

Turkey and Swiss on Ciabatta. Featuring Lettuce, tomato, mayo and S&P

From: Forrest  Chittick
Location: North Face Rainbow

About the sandwich:
This cold cut went down smooth, and was well deserved after a line like that.  The explosion of flavor was not unlike the glorious 3000′ of vertical we had just slashed. The first few bites where a little dry, but after that it was nothing but pure delectability.  All in all, I would give this sandwich a 8/10.  But where else can you get a sandwich at 7:00am right before you jump in a helicopter?  Props Alpine Cafe!

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Club Roll travels 5000km

There are few sandwiches that I would make the effort to bring across the country from Montreal to British Columbia just for the sake of the photo. The Club Roll from the Snowdon Delicatessen in Montreal is an exception. This is a sandwich that upped my sandwich game as a child. Simple ingredients, nothing fancy.

Last winter my brother Andrew brought a bunch out to Whistler. I couldn’t get it out into the real backcountry in time so I just got a photo high up on Blackcomb…Spanky’s Ladder was the most ideal place for this shot.

smoke meat, stuffed chicken, turkey, brisket, salami, ordered with swiss cheese and no tongue.

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The Joffre Giant

Bluebird day touring on Chief Pascal. We skied some couloirs off the summit ridge  Sitting down in the sun on top of the  ski line, looking at Joffre summit, I ate this sandwich.  Awesome.

Turkey, roasted peppers, lettuce, jalapeño havarti, pesto mayo on multi grain bread

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The Mufaletta on Rock n Roll

A couple of weeks ago I set out with my friend PA to find good ski lines around Cayoosh/Marriot Basin area. Avalanche conditions made the day quite interesting requiring careful route selection. We climbed up past Cayoosh Mt. and skied down into Marriot Basin.

We ate  our sandwiches while waiting for a clear break in the sky so we could see our decent line. The sandwich was delicious. The tapanade was strong and took a bit of getting used to but still a great stomach filler to have out there. I bought it at the Mount Currie Coffee Co. in Pemberton…incredible coffee and a great place to pick up a sandwich before a treck.

Rustic Ciabatta Smeared with Kalamata Tapenade and Garlic Aioli. With our all natural Ham, turkey salami, red onions and sliced provolone cheese.

photos from the day…

PA standing on the ridge above Rock n Roll. Cayoosh in the background

Bright blue glacial ice poking out of the snow

Two tracks will suffice for our Leave No Trace ethic

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The “Turkey Tower”

From: DK

Location: Fitzsimmons Range, Whistler BC

About the sandwich: great tour and got some incredible views of the Spearhead and Garibaldi Park. I had some trouble taking this sandwich shot because the longer I waited to get Castle Towers mountain in focus the colder the ingredients got….especially the brie.  It looks like I got the photo just before the last bite.

Roasted turkey, brie and cranberry sauce – grilled.









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The Mt. Cartier

From: DK

Location: Looking out at Cartier from Revelstoke, BC

About the sandwich: I just returned from Revelstoke BC where I was taking the Avalanche Operations Level 1 course. We spent most of our days going up the resort and heading slightly out of bounds to find places to dig and assess the snow.  Mt. Cartier was a peak in sight from the top of the resort which I thought make a great background for this sandwich.

I sauteed some onions, mushrooms and spinach the night before but I regret that decision. The freezing point of onions is between -1.59 and -1.90°C before they are sauteed…I think I only added to their water content by throwing them on the stove.  Given the -25° mountain top temps I froze the onions. Lesson learned.

 turkey, honey dijon, montery jack, sauteed Mushrooms, Onions, and baby spinach on Nottingham Bread

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The Duffey Surprise

Gorgeous day touring Chief Pascal with Duffey Lake in the background.

Turkey, mayo, jalapeño Havarti, hot peppers (banana), dijon, pastrami, Whole Wheat bread

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The “Garibaldi Classic”

Garibaldi Alpine Sandwich

Turkey, smoked Gouda, avocado …not wrapped but wedged between two thick pieces of pita – legit sandwich

From: DK

Location: Black Tusk looking over Garibaldi Lake, near Squamish BC.

About the Sandwich: I had to pick a starter Alpine Sandwich for the blog and thought not too many can beat the view or the ingredients of the Garibaldi Classic. This is one of the first photos of food I have taken in the backcountry and it is truly one of my favorites.


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