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The “Salami Triangle”

Wholegrain triangular bun, hot salami, hummus, Emmental and salad.

From: Eddie Gapper 
Location: Illecillewaet Valley – underneath Mt Sir Donald – Glacier National Park, BC

About the sandwich:
Wholegrain triangular bun, hot salami, hummus, Emmental and salad.  Finished it off whilst enjoying a stunning ski tour up the Illecillewaet Valley.  Meditated on the similarities between my sandwich and the majestic Mt Sir Donald.

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The “Climber’s Reward” ***First international Upload!***

Pesto, pickles, reindeer salami, and slices of goats cheese carefully layered in lettuce to keep the bread dry. 

From: P-A

Location: Breiskrednosi – Naeroyfjord, Hordaland, Norway

About the sandwich:
Its always hard making a  sandwich 7 hours before  you’re gonna eat it. Soggy  bread is just such a let-down. I’m a big fan of pickles too so I had to think long and hard about how to layer this baby. Anyhow in short this sandwich has pesto, pickles, reindeer salami, and slices of goats cheese carefully layered in lettuce to keep the bread dry. Norwegians know how to make good rye breads in particular but this bread was a bit average.

I’d already eaten my first sandwich on the climb up but saved this one for the top of the route – and what a sandwich it was!! and the view was ok too to enjoy whilst refueling for the descent.

Proud to be the first international addition to the club of alpine sandwiches!

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Club Roll travels 5000km

There are few sandwiches that I would make the effort to bring across the country from Montreal to British Columbia just for the sake of the photo. The Club Roll from the Snowdon Delicatessen in Montreal is an exception. This is a sandwich that upped my sandwich game as a child. Simple ingredients, nothing fancy.

Last winter my brother Andrew brought a bunch out to Whistler. I couldn’t get it out into the real backcountry in time so I just got a photo high up on Blackcomb…Spanky’s Ladder was the most ideal place for this shot.

smoke meat, stuffed chicken, turkey, brisket, salami, ordered with swiss cheese and no tongue.

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The Mufaletta on Rock n Roll

A couple of weeks ago I set out with my friend PA to find good ski lines around Cayoosh/Marriot Basin area. Avalanche conditions made the day quite interesting requiring careful route selection. We climbed up past Cayoosh Mt. and skied down into Marriot Basin.

We ate  our sandwiches while waiting for a clear break in the sky so we could see our decent line. The sandwich was delicious. The tapanade was strong and took a bit of getting used to but still a great stomach filler to have out there. I bought it at the Mount Currie Coffee Co. in Pemberton…incredible coffee and a great place to pick up a sandwich before a treck.

Rustic Ciabatta Smeared with Kalamata Tapenade and Garlic Aioli. With our all natural Ham, turkey salami, red onions and sliced provolone cheese.

photos from the day…

PA standing on the ridge above Rock n Roll. Cayoosh in the background

Bright blue glacial ice poking out of the snow

Two tracks will suffice for our Leave No Trace ethic

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The “Alpine Start”


Alpine Start Sandwich

Salami, hot dijon mustard, habanero cheddar cheese and a bit of butter lettuce

From: DK

Location: Blackcomb Glacier, Whistler BC

About the sandwich: The first ski day of the 2011 season started with a push.  Sometime early in November we woke up around 2:30am, drove to whistler,  and headed up the mountain to find some pre-season snow. We got to the top of the Blackcomb Glacier around 10am just in time to bolt down and get to work on time.  The sandwich tasted great at around 5am.





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