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The “Roast Beef: Cure for the Disease”

Roast Beef, bell pepper, avocado, lettuce, and cholula on sourdough

From: Jonathon Doherty

Location: Blackcomb Peak

About the sandwich:
With the recent bluebird days in BC, climbed Blackcomb Peak with the amigos to eat a delicious Roast Beef, bell pepper, avocado, lettuce, and cholula on sourdough sandwich before descending to shred Disease Ridge.  Nothing beats a delicious sandwich on a mountaintop!

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The “Climber’s Reward” ***First international Upload!***

Pesto, pickles, reindeer salami, and slices of goats cheese carefully layered in lettuce to keep the bread dry. 

From: P-A

Location: Breiskrednosi – Naeroyfjord, Hordaland, Norway

About the sandwich:
Its always hard making a  sandwich 7 hours before  you’re gonna eat it. Soggy  bread is just such a let-down. I’m a big fan of pickles too so I had to think long and hard about how to layer this baby. Anyhow in short this sandwich has pesto, pickles, reindeer salami, and slices of goats cheese carefully layered in lettuce to keep the bread dry. Norwegians know how to make good rye breads in particular but this bread was a bit average.

I’d already eaten my first sandwich on the climb up but saved this one for the top of the route – and what a sandwich it was!! and the view was ok too to enjoy whilst refueling for the descent.

Proud to be the first international addition to the club of alpine sandwiches!

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The Rainbow North Face

Turkey and Swiss on Ciabatta. Featuring Lettuce, tomato, mayo and S&P

From: Forrest  Chittick
Location: North Face Rainbow

About the sandwich:
This cold cut went down smooth, and was well deserved after a line like that.  The explosion of flavor was not unlike the glorious 3000′ of vertical we had just slashed. The first few bites where a little dry, but after that it was nothing but pure delectability.  All in all, I would give this sandwich a 8/10.  But where else can you get a sandwich at 7:00am right before you jump in a helicopter?  Props Alpine Cafe!

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The Joffre Giant

Bluebird day touring on Chief Pascal. We skied some couloirs off the summit ridge  Sitting down in the sun on top of the  ski line, looking at Joffre summit, I ate this sandwich.  Awesome.

Turkey, roasted peppers, lettuce, jalapeño havarti, pesto mayo on multi grain bread

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The Dud in Revy

From: DK

Location: Revy backcountry, BC

About the Sandwich: So I was running out of time early in the morning last week and made a poor choice to buy a chicken salad sandwich at Tim Horton’s. The only good move was that I got it on an everything bagel.  The chicken had way too much mayo and tasted a bit funky.  Taking a sandwich like this into the backcountry is not recommended.  The Revelstoke Fingers are in the background.

Chicken salad, with celery, mayo, pepper, and lettuce on an everything bagel












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The Mountaineer

oast beef, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, swiss cheese, pickles, mayo, dijon, on an everything bagel. Woah!

From: DK

Location: Middle Sister. Outside of Canmore AB.

About the Sandwich:This was a sandwich for the books. I took a mountaineering course a couple years ago in Canmoreand stopped by the Canmore Bagel Co.  All sandwiches here are on bagels but they are still classified as sandwiches. I tried a  bunch of them but “The Mountaineer”  took the cake when brought into alpine terrain.  The day after the course I hiked up the Middle Sister just outside of the town and got one of my favorite sandwich photos.



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The “Alpine Start”


Alpine Start Sandwich

Salami, hot dijon mustard, habanero cheddar cheese and a bit of butter lettuce

From: DK

Location: Blackcomb Glacier, Whistler BC

About the sandwich: The first ski day of the 2011 season started with a push.  Sometime early in November we woke up around 2:30am, drove to whistler,  and headed up the mountain to find some pre-season snow. We got to the top of the Blackcomb Glacier around 10am just in time to bolt down and get to work on time.  The sandwich tasted great at around 5am.





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