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The “Guides Opinion”

Finally I’m a Canadian Ski Guide! Having completed the ten day CSGA course and exam I felt comfortable naming this sandwich the ‘Guides Opinion’. Lets face it, some people know what they are doing in the mountains, some people know how to make a good sandwich…but only a rare few can do both properly. We had an incredible course with days of rope rescue, avalanche rescue, backcountry travel and even a Heli ski day in the Spearhead.

Lime & Herb Chicken Breast, Swiss, Bacon, Avocado, Baby Spinach, Mayo, Dijon. Boom Boom Boom.

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“The Fuel Drop”

Wholewheat bread with honey ham, mature cheddar, avocado, tomato, mayo and mustard, S & P.

From: Nina Van Driel

Location: Sproatt…Fuel Drop area

About the sandwich:
well…it’s not the most exciting sandwich, but I had to make my debut of what I hope to be many yummy sarnies enjoyed in many lovely alpine locations. So this one was: Wholewheat bread with honey ham, mature cheddar, avocado, tomato, mayo and mustard, s&p…squished in a pack and enjoyed on a sunny day of sled accessed playtime on an afternoon off. I was famished at the time of consumption so don’t specifically recall taste…I don’t think I even chewed or paused eating apart from to take this shot…but it was good. food is always good, especially in mountains.

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The Rainbow North Face

Turkey and Swiss on Ciabatta. Featuring Lettuce, tomato, mayo and S&P

From: Forrest  Chittick
Location: North Face Rainbow

About the sandwich:
This cold cut went down smooth, and was well deserved after a line like that.  The explosion of flavor was not unlike the glorious 3000′ of vertical we had just slashed. The first few bites where a little dry, but after that it was nothing but pure delectability.  All in all, I would give this sandwich a 8/10.  But where else can you get a sandwich at 7:00am right before you jump in a helicopter?  Props Alpine Cafe!

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Southwest Chicken in Channel Ridge

Escaping the crowds is becoming increasingly harder as the backcountry becomes more accessible to the average user.  A couple of weeks ago I headed past most of the popular Duffy Lake trailheads to Channel Creek. The area is a little more of a drive up from Pemberton but worth it for it’s remoteness and vast amount of skiable terrain. I brought a great sandwich from the Pemberton Valley supermarket and ate it in the middle of a frozen lake before camping out.


Southwest Chicken Sandwich: Caribbean Chicken, black olives, sun dried tomatoes, cheddar, and chipotle mayo sandwiched between two pieces of cheddar and bun.












Photos from the overnight…

P.A. sitting outside our snow shelter enjoying the morning sun.

cooking dinner in the snow cave...pesto gnocci for me.

The Duffy Lake Baldwin map cover shot.



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The Joffre Giant

Bluebird day touring on Chief Pascal. We skied some couloirs off the summit ridge  Sitting down in the sun on top of the  ski line, looking at Joffre summit, I ate this sandwich.  Awesome.

Turkey, roasted peppers, lettuce, jalapeño havarti, pesto mayo on multi grain bread

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The Dud in Revy

From: DK

Location: Revy backcountry, BC

About the Sandwich: So I was running out of time early in the morning last week and made a poor choice to buy a chicken salad sandwich at Tim Horton’s. The only good move was that I got it on an everything bagel.  The chicken had way too much mayo and tasted a bit funky.  Taking a sandwich like this into the backcountry is not recommended.  The Revelstoke Fingers are in the background.

Chicken salad, with celery, mayo, pepper, and lettuce on an everything bagel












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The Mountaineer

oast beef, cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, swiss cheese, pickles, mayo, dijon, on an everything bagel. Woah!

From: DK

Location: Middle Sister. Outside of Canmore AB.

About the Sandwich:This was a sandwich for the books. I took a mountaineering course a couple years ago in Canmoreand stopped by the Canmore Bagel Co.  All sandwiches here are on bagels but they are still classified as sandwiches. I tried a  bunch of them but “The Mountaineer”  took the cake when brought into alpine terrain.  The day after the course I hiked up the Middle Sister just outside of the town and got one of my favorite sandwich photos.



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