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The “Guides Opinion”

Finally I’m a Canadian Ski Guide! Having completed the ten day CSGA course and exam I felt comfortable naming this sandwich the ‘Guides Opinion’. Lets face it, some people know what they are doing in the mountains, some people know how to make a good sandwich…but only a rare few can do both properly. We had an incredible course with days of rope rescue, avalanche rescue, backcountry travel and even a Heli ski day in the Spearhead.

Lime & Herb Chicken Breast, Swiss, Bacon, Avocado, Baby Spinach, Mayo, Dijon. Boom Boom Boom.

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The “Rich-wich”

roasted chicken, pesto, and goat cheese, all happily stuffed inside a sesame focaccia

From: Rich So

Location: Thar Peak, Coquihalla Recreation Area

About the Sandwich:
My lunch on a backcountry ski trip to Thar Peak, which consisted of roasted chicken, pesto, and goat cheese, all happily stuffed inside a sesame focaccia.

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The “Machu Machuwich”

Grilled chicken, mushrooms in Dijon mustard sauce and onion rings on ciabatta bread.

From: Devin Montgomery

Location: Cusco, Peru

About the Sandwich:
In Cusco, Peru a friend and I stumbled upon a sandwich place on Ave. de la Sol, regrettably I don’t remember the name but it’s just past the contemporary art gallery and historical mural. My friend Leah had been travelling with my sister for 4 months in South America, and after taking a bite of her Chicken Dijon sandwich she proclaimed that this was the best meal she’d eaten since leaving Canada. I was going to journey to Machu Picchu the next day so I decided before boarding the train I would get another one of these rare delights for my trip.

I usually don’t get up at 3:30 for anything, but this rare occasion it was mandatory if I was going to be one of the first 400 into Machu Picchu and make it to the top of Waynu Picchu (the peak facing the ruins). I did manage to be the first on top of Waynu Picchu 30 min before anyone else (due to my familiarity of jumping fences). I was up there alone watching the sun crest the adjacent mountains and eating this beauty – well worth the effort.

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Club Roll travels 5000km

There are few sandwiches that I would make the effort to bring across the country from Montreal to British Columbia just for the sake of the photo. The Club Roll from the Snowdon Delicatessen in Montreal is an exception. This is a sandwich that upped my sandwich game as a child. Simple ingredients, nothing fancy.

Last winter my brother Andrew brought a bunch out to Whistler. I couldn’t get it out into the real backcountry in time so I just got a photo high up on Blackcomb…Spanky’s Ladder was the most ideal place for this shot.

smoke meat, stuffed chicken, turkey, brisket, salami, ordered with swiss cheese and no tongue.

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