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Upload Your Own Alpine Sandwich!

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Where is the photo from? This could be a mountain or outdoor landmark.

Describe the sandwich - what was in it, how did it taste, and how you felt while eating it at that specific location!

6 Responses to Upload Your Own Alpine Sandwich!

  1. Lisa

    Hey Daniel,

    Are you still updating Alpine Sandwich? Just wondering if you received my submission from about a week ago? A triple-decker at the Guard/Deception Col.



  2. Mountain Babes

    For the last few months I have just been having people email me their photos. I really want to have a form like this one that you can fill out and just send your submission from the site. I use wordpress, and can get a custom form uploaded but I can”t figure out how to get the upload button for a photo. I’ve been reading through a bunch of forums but can’t find anything helpful.

    Wondering if you could send me in the right direction?


    p.s. check out

  3. Mountain Babes


    The first part of that comment got cut off…

    Anyways, we have this blog to inspire rad mountain chicks to get in the outdoors. You can see it at
    Have some questions about submissions see question above…


  4. Alex

    This is a great site. I absolutely love that this is a thing and will post all future alpine sammies worthy of consideration.

  5. Amine

    I like this site from now i will send you a great meak of morocco.

  6. google

    nice post

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