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The Rules

Please follow these simple rules if you would like your sandwich to make it on to the site. Otherwise it’ll end up in the gallery of “DENIED  Sandwiches”.

1) Your photo should be of the sandwich and the background. If you think that your face should be up on the site you are missing the point here. Feel free to get an arm or hand in there.

2) A wrap is not a sandwich.

3) A sandwich can be open-faced…but you must be specific that this is what you are going after.

4) Ideally your photo should be taken in alpine terrain.This means above tree line or in a climate at high altitude. If you are in a region that does not support this image background, make your best effort and justify it. Any photos on mountains are generally welcome but make an effort to get on a peak or climb something! Please refrain from taking a photo in a forest.

5) A lake is not a mountain. Lakes are acceptable only as additions to mountain photo, not as stand alone features. 

6) Creativity is one of the greatest attributes to a decent sandwich. This being said, don’t make a sandwich just for the sake of getting it on the site (i.e. honey sandwiched between two pieces of apple).

7) Try to show the inner contents of the sandwich. A sandwich still in the wrapper is a sandwich not ready to be eaten. Get in into your hand, take a bite, and then take the photo.

8) You must be outside to take your photo. If you are driving past a mountain view with a sandwich in your hand and decide to take a photo out the window, you are damn lazy. We are looking for people who make an effort to get out into the wilderness. Road shots don’t count as wilderness.

9) No blurry photos. We can’t all be pro photographers but at least try to get both the sandwich and view in focus.

10) A good sandwich can be simple (and often is!). Sometimes a couple fresh ingredients are all you need or all you have time to prepare before your outdoor pursuit.

11) Any video of a combination of mountainous terrain and sandwiches is acceptable.