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The “East-West”

Home made italian bread, hummus, green peppers, aged canadian cheddar, brochetta

From: David Berliner 

Location: Mount Megantic, Quebec

About the sandwich:
Home made italian bread (3/4 inch slices); hummus; green peppers; aged canadian cheddar; brochetta. The name stems from the combo of hummus with the cheese/brochetta. (The thick bread is necessary to soak up any extra oil from the brochetta).

Winter camping at Park Megantic in Quebec. Woke up to a beautiful morning, put on the snowshoes, and made it to the peak of Mount Megantic (at 1200m, pretty good for east coast standards).

just as I snapped a shot, this bird swooped into the frame. which makes for a pretty funny photo. (the sandwich and bird were fine).

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The Rohr Hike

tomato, thickly sliced cucumber, extra fort armstrong cheddar cheese and aged black forrest ham

From: Nick Ryall

Location: Mt. Rhor

About the sandwich:
This sanny is on a french baguette smeared with butter surrounding a perfect home grown tomato, thickly sliced cucumber, extra fort armstrong cheddar cheese and aged black forrest ham which was prepared on site. This sandwich made the hike worth it. We were surrounded by Cayoosh glacier, Mt. Rhor and Marriot Mt. It made the rest of the crew and you jealous…

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“The Fuel Drop”

Wholewheat bread with honey ham, mature cheddar, avocado, tomato, mayo and mustard, S & P.

From: Nina Van Driel

Location: Sproatt…Fuel Drop area

About the sandwich:
well…it’s not the most exciting sandwich, but I had to make my debut of what I hope to be many yummy sarnies enjoyed in many lovely alpine locations. So this one was: Wholewheat bread with honey ham, mature cheddar, avocado, tomato, mayo and mustard, s&p…squished in a pack and enjoyed on a sunny day of sled accessed playtime on an afternoon off. I was famished at the time of consumption so don’t specifically recall taste…I don’t think I even chewed or paused eating apart from to take this shot…but it was good. food is always good, especially in mountains.

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The ‘Fuel Up’


Beef and Cheddar

From: Alex Murphy

Location: Rainbow Mountain – below N/E face

About the sandwich:
It was a Beef/Cheddar sandwich from the Alpine Cafe. We picked up said sandwich on the way to the heliport which saved me from a lunch consisting of only very low quality granola bars.

After skiing the lines shown the picture this sandwich was a god-send before a steep hike back up. It tasted mostly of bread, beef and a hint of cheddar which satisfied the true mountain man in me.

Recommendations for future patrons or sandwich enthusiasts would be to double the size of the sandwich or buy two. There may have been tomato on the sandwich…but I cant be sure.

This sandwich would also suit both gladed runs and south facing couloirs. This sandwich has not been domesticated and should not be consumed at home.

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Southwest Chicken in Channel Ridge

Escaping the crowds is becoming increasingly harder as the backcountry becomes more accessible to the average user.  A couple of weeks ago I headed past most of the popular Duffy Lake trailheads to Channel Creek. The area is a little more of a drive up from Pemberton but worth it for it’s remoteness and vast amount of skiable terrain. I brought a great sandwich from the Pemberton Valley supermarket and ate it in the middle of a frozen lake before camping out.


Southwest Chicken Sandwich: Caribbean Chicken, black olives, sun dried tomatoes, cheddar, and chipotle mayo sandwiched between two pieces of cheddar and bun.












Photos from the overnight…

P.A. sitting outside our snow shelter enjoying the morning sun.

cooking dinner in the snow cave...pesto gnocci for me.

The Duffy Lake Baldwin map cover shot.



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Grilled Veggie and Stud Muffin on Vantage Pk.

The Stud Muffin and the grilled Veggie Panini worked well for me last Spring up in Cerise Creek.  I bought both these sandwiches at the Mount Currie Coffee Co. in Pemberton. Paninis are often a way for restaurants to scurry around fresh bread but I don’t think this is the case with the Coffee Co. They are legit – great grilled sandwiches. Their website has links to weather satellites.

These photos were taken while climbing to the top of Vantage Pk. Excellent skiing on the way down

Stud Muffin: Egg, cheddar, bacon and some spicy sundried tomato aoili. Mount Howard in the background.

Grilled Veggie: Assortment of girlled veggies and feta cheese

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The “Alpine Start”


Alpine Start Sandwich

Salami, hot dijon mustard, habanero cheddar cheese and a bit of butter lettuce

From: DK

Location: Blackcomb Glacier, Whistler BC

About the sandwich: The first ski day of the 2011 season started with a push.  Sometime early in November we woke up around 2:30am, drove to whistler,  and headed up the mountain to find some pre-season snow. We got to the top of the Blackcomb Glacier around 10am just in time to bolt down and get to work on time.  The sandwich tasted great at around 5am.





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Steep Creek Release

Interesting spring day at Steep Creek in the Duffey. The plan was to do a ridge walk around the area but all solar aspects were sliding, cornices were falling, and the snow was a bit heavy for skiing. Instead we found a high spot to trigger some wet slides and photograph sandwiches.

Chicken Salad, Avocado, Cheddar, Red Onion, Honey Oat Bread

and then an afternoon snack…

Not a sandwich but a great snack wrap with the same view. I made a bean, onion, garlic mix with cheddar cheese and avocado. Looks like one of those cheddar tortillas.

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The Cowboy Wrap

Tuna salad, BACON, Cheddar (extra sharp), Sun dried tomato and little bits of Red Onion in a Spinach Tortilla 

Name: Daniel

Location: Cowboy Ridge, Whistler BC

About the  Sandwich: 

Sunny day ski touring in the Whistler Backcountry. Heading out to Cowboy Ridge. Tuna salad, BACON, Cheddar (extra sharp), Sun dried tomato and little bits of Red Onion in a Spinach Tortilla. A wrap is not a sandwich, apologies.

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