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Tagged With: hummus

The “East-West”

Home made italian bread, hummus, green peppers, aged canadian cheddar, brochetta

From: David Berliner 

Location: Mount Megantic, Quebec

About the sandwich:
Home made italian bread (3/4 inch slices); hummus; green peppers; aged canadian cheddar; brochetta. The name stems from the combo of hummus with the cheese/brochetta. (The thick bread is necessary to soak up any extra oil from the brochetta).

Winter camping at Park Megantic in Quebec. Woke up to a beautiful morning, put on the snowshoes, and made it to the peak of Mount Megantic (at 1200m, pretty good for east coast standards).

just as I snapped a shot, this bird swooped into the frame. which makes for a pretty funny photo. (the sandwich and bird were fine).

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The “Salami Triangle”

Wholegrain triangular bun, hot salami, hummus, Emmental and salad.

From: Eddie Gapper 
Location: Illecillewaet Valley – underneath Mt Sir Donald – Glacier National Park, BC

About the sandwich:
Wholegrain triangular bun, hot salami, hummus, Emmental and salad.  Finished it off whilst enjoying a stunning ski tour up the Illecillewaet Valley.  Meditated on the similarities between my sandwich and the majestic Mt Sir Donald.

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The Nor’Easter

seven-pepper hummus and sausage

From: David Gruber

Location: Dix mountain, Adirondacks

About the sandwich:
The Nor’easter – it may not be the most exciting, nor the most heavily dressed, but this pita sandwich packs a mean punch. It contains seven-pepper hummus and sausage, which produce the perfect mix of savoury and salty. Better couplings are seldom stumbled upon. This sandwich was eaten after ascending Dix moutnain on a gorgeous day in the Adirondack mountains. Simple but damn tasty.

Suggested variation: add gouda and/or jarlsberg cheese.

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