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Daniel’s Sandwiches

These are the original Alpine Sandwiches. They are transported to their various destinations by ski guide and food connoisseur Daniel Kliger. Want to share your own alpine sandwich adventures? Send us your stories and photos!

The “It doesn’t Matter-horn”

Turkey and cucumber with Dijon mustard on a standard Swiss Migros bread roll.

Turkey and cucumber with Dijon mustard on a standard Swiss Migros bread roll.

From: Kim
Location: Matterhorn
About the sandwich:
When you’re running low on food at home, it doesn’t matter much because everything tastes delicious in the mountains. This simple sandwich of turkey and cucumber with Dijon mustard on a standard Swiss Migros bread roll was the perfect addition to a sunny day above Zermatt. 7 years ago I came to the Matterhorn and only saw a cloud-covered mountain, so this sandwich topped off a perfect return to Zermatt and a great day in the Swiss Alps.

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The “SEWS Salami”

Hawaiian roll, dry salami, Laughing Cow cheese.

Hawaiian roll, dry salami, Laughing Cow cheese.

From: vincent pierce
Location: South Early Winter Spire, North Cascades, WA
About the sandwich:
Hawaiian roll, dry salami, Laughing Cow cheese. Assembled on the summit. Five star sandwich on a 5.5 alpine route.

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The “Unbekannt Österreichisch Sandwich”

Some sort of spiced/seasoned turkey slices, a slice of gruyere, some pickled vegetables, cream cheese, garden lettuce, and magnificent fresh hearty bread.

Some sort of spiced/seasoned turkey slices, a slice of gruyere, some pickled vegetables, cream cheese, garden lettuce, and magnificent fresh hearty bread.

From: Kim
Location: Zimba, Austria
About the sandwich:
This sandwich, so named the “unknown Austrian sandwich” because the Austrians I was hiking with did not know the English words to tell me what it contained, made an already amazing hike in the Austrian Alps become a next level experience. The Zimba peak seen in the background is locally known as the “Matterhorn of Austria”, and when viewed from another angle, shares the same notable shape as the real Matterhorn.

After eating it to decipher its ingredients, it seemed to be some sort of spiced/seasoned turkey slices, a slice of gruyere, some pickled vegetables, cream cheese, garden lettuce, and magnificent fresh hearty bread. After a hot and sunny uphill in the alpine, this was followed up by a swim in the lake, some homemade elderflower juice and rhubarb cake, and picking blueberries on the hike back down into the valley. Idyllic.

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The “Lira’s Veggie Delight”

Veggies and cheese!

Veggies and cheese!

From: Kit & Kim
Location: Angora Ridge, Lake Tahoe CA
About the sandwich:
We walked to the top of Angora Ridge and found shelter from the storm blowing in to enjoy our delicious sandwich across from Mt. Tallac. The avocado and wind made it extra tasty.

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The “Tzilly Quatro”


From: Jeff Van Driel, Devin Montgomery, Simon Thompson, and Daniel Kliger

Location: Summit of Mt. Tszil, Duffey Lake BC

Top Right: Mayo, Dijon, Extra Old cheddar, Ham, lettuce, red pepper, pumpkin seed sourdough bread.

Top Left: goats cheese, ham, mayo, yellow mustard

Bottom Right: Mayo, Dijon, aged cheddar, pastrami, tomato, spinach on oat nut bread.

Bottom Left:  BBQ’d chicken marinated in thai sauce, sharp cheddar, avocado, mayo, dijon, oatnut bread

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The “Croissant w/ ham cheese and tomato”


lashings of real mayo, honey roasted ham, and tomato…on a croissant!


From: Nina

Location: Vantage, Duffey Lake BC

About the sandwich:

day one on the Duffey with a couple of squished croissants – perfect with lashings of real mayo, honey roasted ham, and tomato. Simple but effective and very yummy and buttery. wonderful to munch whilst sitting in the sunshine before skiing some really nice pow on a surprisingly good early season tour…yay winter mountains and sandwiches!

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The “Grand Teton Club”

Standard club sandwich: Lettuce, Turkey, Tomato, Bacon, Mayo on three pieces of honey wheat bread

Club on the summit block at 13,770′











Name: Daniel Kliger

Location: Teton National Park, Wyoming

About the sandwich: Climbing the Grand Teton has been on my list for a couple of years. I was able to meet up with my friend Trask this summer to attempt the Exum Ridge.  A club sandwich seemed like an obvious choice for the summit. The Club, similar to the Grand, is classified by its prominence over all others around it. The video below shows that I was a bit rushed on top…we needed to get off the top before weather moved in. I shared the sandwich with the two other folks that summited just after us.

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The “Guides Opinion”

Finally I’m a Canadian Ski Guide! Having completed the ten day CSGA course and exam I felt comfortable naming this sandwich the ‘Guides Opinion’. Lets face it, some people know what they are doing in the mountains, some people know how to make a good sandwich…but only a rare few can do both properly. We had an incredible course with days of rope rescue, avalanche rescue, backcountry travel and even a Heli ski day in the Spearhead.

Lime & Herb Chicken Breast, Swiss, Bacon, Avocado, Baby Spinach, Mayo, Dijon. Boom Boom Boom.

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The “Heli Drop”

From: DK

Location: Spearhead Range, Whistler BC

About the sandwich: Half way through the Canadian Ski Guide Level 1 course we had a day of bluebird heliskiing in the Spearhead Range. We were sort of in ‘go go go’ mode and I didn’t have much time to line up the perfect shot (or even get the sandwich in focus). The day was still epic, as was the wich.  I bought the roast beef sandwich at Mount Currie Coffee Co in Pemby. I think it has mad it onto the site at least once before.


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Club Roll travels 5000km

There are few sandwiches that I would make the effort to bring across the country from Montreal to British Columbia just for the sake of the photo. The Club Roll from the Snowdon Delicatessen in Montreal is an exception. This is a sandwich that upped my sandwich game as a child. Simple ingredients, nothing fancy.

Last winter my brother Andrew brought a bunch out to Whistler. I couldn’t get it out into the real backcountry in time so I just got a photo high up on Blackcomb…Spanky’s Ladder was the most ideal place for this shot.

smoke meat, stuffed chicken, turkey, brisket, salami, ordered with swiss cheese and no tongue.

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Reuben Does the Spearhead


Classic Reuben: Pastrami, Swiss, Sauerkraut, Thousand Island…on rye.

From: DK

Location: Spearhead Range, Whistler BC

About the Sandwich: I finished off the 2011 ski season with the classic Spearhead ski traverse. Our trip ranged from skiing incredible powder lines with bluebird skies to traveling across crevassed glaciers in complete whiteouts. We had it all…even the blessed Reuben sandwich.

In preparing for the trip I had to think carefully about how to separate the ingredients of the sandwich so that it didn’t sog up.  My hard work planning got the Reuben through the first day and half. I was able to get a great shot of it with most of the Spearhead route behind.

Here is the footage of the Reuben on the Spearhead.

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The “Chief P, Roast B”


Roast beef, provolone, carmelize onions, dijon aoili, sauteed mushrooms, arugula. on rustic  ciabatta

From: DK

Location: Duffey Lake area, BC

About the sandwich: Sometime in the middle of February I went up to the Duffy to take advantage of the new snow and clear sky weather.  Jeff and I toured up Chief Pascal to ski the Equinox line and made an attempt on the peak before heading down.  The ridge walk towards the summit had some pretty sporty sections and unfortunately we had to turn around about 10 feet from the top.  That whole ‘its about the journey not the destination’ spiel often works well with my mountain philosophy but 10ft? Come on!

The Roast Beef sandwich came from the Mount Currie Coffee Co. in Pemberton.  Great day to eat any sandwich up high in the mountains…this one really hit the spot though.



Jeff put together his GoPro footage from the day…

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Southwest Chicken in Channel Ridge

Escaping the crowds is becoming increasingly harder as the backcountry becomes more accessible to the average user.  A couple of weeks ago I headed past most of the popular Duffy Lake trailheads to Channel Creek. The area is a little more of a drive up from Pemberton but worth it for it’s remoteness and vast amount of skiable terrain. I brought a great sandwich from the Pemberton Valley supermarket and ate it in the middle of a frozen lake before camping out.


Southwest Chicken Sandwich: Caribbean Chicken, black olives, sun dried tomatoes, cheddar, and chipotle mayo sandwiched between two pieces of cheddar and bun.












Photos from the overnight…

P.A. sitting outside our snow shelter enjoying the morning sun.

cooking dinner in the snow cave...pesto gnocci for me.

The Duffy Lake Baldwin map cover shot.



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The Joffre Giant

Bluebird day touring on Chief Pascal. We skied some couloirs off the summit ridge  Sitting down in the sun on top of the  ski line, looking at Joffre summit, I ate this sandwich.  Awesome.

Turkey, roasted peppers, lettuce, jalapeño havarti, pesto mayo on multi grain bread

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The Mufaletta on Rock n Roll

A couple of weeks ago I set out with my friend PA to find good ski lines around Cayoosh/Marriot Basin area. Avalanche conditions made the day quite interesting requiring careful route selection. We climbed up past Cayoosh Mt. and skied down into Marriot Basin.

We ate  our sandwiches while waiting for a clear break in the sky so we could see our decent line. The sandwich was delicious. The tapanade was strong and took a bit of getting used to but still a great stomach filler to have out there. I bought it at the Mount Currie Coffee Co. in Pemberton…incredible coffee and a great place to pick up a sandwich before a treck.

Rustic Ciabatta Smeared with Kalamata Tapenade and Garlic Aioli. With our all natural Ham, turkey salami, red onions and sliced provolone cheese.

photos from the day…

PA standing on the ridge above Rock n Roll. Cayoosh in the background

Bright blue glacial ice poking out of the snow

Two tracks will suffice for our Leave No Trace ethic

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