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The “Machu Machuwich”

Grilled chicken, mushrooms in Dijon mustard sauce and onion rings on ciabatta bread.

From: Devin Montgomery

Location: Cusco, Peru

About the Sandwich:
In Cusco, Peru a friend and I stumbled upon a sandwich place on Ave. de la Sol, regrettably I don’t remember the name but it’s just past the contemporary art gallery and historical mural. My friend Leah had been travelling with my sister for 4 months in South America, and after taking a bite of her Chicken Dijon sandwich she proclaimed that this was the best meal she’d eaten since leaving Canada. I was going to journey to Machu Picchu the next day so I decided before boarding the train I would get another one of these rare delights for my trip.

I usually don’t get up at 3:30 for anything, but this rare occasion it was mandatory if I was going to be one of the first 400 into Machu Picchu and make it to the top of Waynu Picchu (the peak facing the ruins). I did manage to be the first on top of Waynu Picchu 30 min before anyone else (due to my familiarity of jumping fences). I was up there alone watching the sun crest the adjacent mountains and eating this beauty – well worth the effort.

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