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Author Archives: DW

The Rohr Hike

tomato, thickly sliced cucumber, extra fort armstrong cheddar cheese and aged black forrest ham

From: Nick Ryall

Location: Mt. Rhor

About the sandwich:
This sanny is on a french baguette smeared with butter surrounding a perfect home grown tomato, thickly sliced cucumber, extra fort armstrong cheddar cheese and aged black forrest ham which was prepared on site. This sandwich made the hike worth it. We were surrounded by Cayoosh glacier, Mt. Rhor and Marriot Mt. It made the rest of the crew and you jealous…

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The Nor’Easter

seven-pepper hummus and sausage

From: David Gruber

Location: Dix mountain, Adirondacks

About the sandwich:
The Nor’easter – it may not be the most exciting, nor the most heavily dressed, but this pita sandwich packs a mean punch. It contains seven-pepper hummus and sausage, which produce the perfect mix of savoury and salty. Better couplings are seldom stumbled upon. This sandwich was eaten after ascending Dix moutnain on a gorgeous day in the Adirondack mountains. Simple but damn tasty.

Suggested variation: add gouda and/or jarlsberg cheese.

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The “Roe Creek Attempt”

Name: Jeff Van Driel

Location: Roe Creek

Description: Okay – technically not a sandwich I know, but I don’t take sandwiches with me that often. Also, I’ve been feeling the pressure to make an entry. So here it is… Obviously feeling the need for early season turns, we headed up Roe creek into Cypress. A great choice, with good 4×4 access and LOTS of snow! This is all relative as it is still…EARLY SEASON! All the same, we found some great skiing. So the “sandwich” is just Triscuits and smoked salmon. Now the salmon is the prime ingredient as it is smoked by my dad in the smoker built and previously owned by my grandpa. This is the finest smoked salmon I have found, but I am a little biased. This was key energy as this was only the second day of the season and a boost was needed. I hope I don’t receive too much flak about my Alpine non-Sandwich!

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