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The “Beauty and the Beast”

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Baguette filled with brie, lettuce, tomato and ham.

Baguette filled with brie, lettuce, tomato and ham.

From: Gary C
Location: Above Chamonix towards the Mt Blanc massif
About the sandwich:
Far from Australia it was hard to decide, was it the thought of French food, a tasty baguette filled with brie, lettuce, tomato and ham or the thought of hiking through the French Alps that drew me to Chamonix? I decided it was both.

One Response to The “Beauty and the Beast”

  1. Tapiwanashe

    My husband’s fovraite is two pieces of garlic bread and some shredded bbq chicken in between them, heat until the bread is kinda crispy on the outside and serve pickle spears if you don’t like garlic use regular bread with a little bit of mayo and a bit of bbq sauce.My daughter’s fovraite would be a kind of S’mores sandwich: cinnamon raisin bread, mini marshmellows and lots of Nutella chocolate; heat til it’s all melted and the bread is a little crusty (YUMMY)Other than sandwiches you can make omelets in there, you can make filled fritters, French toast, fruit pancakes (breakfast) mini meatloaves, chicken cordon bleu, stuffed fish fillets,etc (dinner).E-mail me if you want some recipes.