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Phillip-Benedict Noisewater Jr (PB.N.J)

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peanut butter and jelly

peanut butter and jelly

From: Fred Agger
Location: Mt. Nibblock, Banff
About the sandwich:
The sandwich was rich and fully saturated in a delicious co-mingling of the two most primal sandwich ingredients: peanut butter and jelly. These humble and individually lackluster spreads transcended their own inherent natures when they were forcefully confined between two hearty slices of oatmeal brown bread to became a truly mouthwatering meal. My heart leapt for joy with each bite while my brain sobbed, knowing that each mouthful was one closer to the last crumb. Though the majestic beast was aided by some alpine tea in an alpine thermos make no mistake – the sandwich was the star. Small crumbs may remain atop Mt Nibblock serving as a gentle reminder to fellow mountaineers of the virtues of a well crafted sammy.

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