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The “Possible Horsemeat Naan-wich”

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stale bread, unrefridgerated tube meat product.

stale bread, unrefridgerated tube meat product.

From: Megan Jamer
Location: On the Pamir Plateau, Tajikistan
About the sandwich:
Well Folks, we kept it simple for our lunchtime picnic in Tajikistan. This is somewhat stale bread, unrefridgerated tube meat product (we think or hope beef but cannot read Russian). I would like the record to show that adding tomato paste was also an option, but I opted against – I really wanted the simple experience.

It tasted pretty good. Being surrounded by mountains always makes eating a sandwich feel special. I think this is because you feel productive and accomplished that you’re both in awesome nature, and you had the foresight to put together a picnic for yourself. But I’ll be honest, my biggest motivation for eating this sandwich is that we ate a Snickers bar afterwards.

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