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The “Deliberately Fresh for Nomads Brie and Tomatoe baguette”

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Fresh brie, fresh tomato, fresh baguette.

Fresh brie, fresh tomato, fresh baguette.

From: Kim Ashley
Location: French Pyrenees, Lac Vert, Vallee de Lys
About the sandwich:
We were conflicted about this sandwich. The Deliberate Nomad sandwich typically also includes avocado. After walking over 9 kilometers and 360 flights of stairs up (according to FitBit), we were agast to discover our avocado was *not* fresh, and therefore didn’t qualify for the sandwich. In a fit of pique, the chef angrily hurled the avocado across the alpine meadow, causing an upending. Our dog (Painau), who was attached to me, lunged for the delicious (to him) morsel, tumping my off my soft grass tuffet and sending me tumbling tip over tail. Luckily I avoided the snow-fed water and lived to eat this delicious fresh brie (purchased from the Samatan farmers market on Monday), fresh tomato (also from Samatan market), and fresh baguette (baked that morning by a kind, sturdy woman in Luchon). The sandwich is best made “in situ”, with pocket knife and cutting board of any convenient rock (or dirt, if necessary). Cut, assemble, and eat the best sandwich you’ve ever had, based on the fact that you’re already exhausted, overheated, and famished!!

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